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Baltej GillGoogle Panda Update – From Farmer to Panda

Posted by Baltej Gill On May - 3 - 2011

OK … so maybe Google Panda sounds nicer than what was previously known as the Google Farmer update.

Either way – it was a change in Google’s algorithm that caused a lot of sites to lose traffic and people to panic.

But then again – what is new with any change Google makes to their algorithm right? So let’s find out exactly what this Google Panda Update is all about ….

Plagiarism was a grave issue that plagued many-a websites whose content was illegally and stealthily copied by other websites. These low quality websites that duplicated content from other sources were observed to be achieving good rankings in search engines for ages. To put this threat of online content copyright and plagiarism issues to rest. Google formulated a gigantic algorithmic change – The Google Panda.

Google Panda was officially rolled out to Google on February 24, 2011. However, the UK update happened only after six weeks of the official launch. The other countries soon followed suite. Thanks to Google Panda, websites with poor quality or duplicate content lost their top ranks and dropped several positions in Google whereas those that were victorious witnessed a miraculous upgrade in their ranks and search visitor. The main implications of Google Panda update was felt by the sites that copied content from other sites described by Google as ‘low quality’ or ‘thin content’ websites, together with those that were packed with keywords in order to have them rank well in search engines. With Google Panda’s onslaught, sites that initially fetched top rankings were tipped off and sent tumbling down the order.

Google Panda has indeed triggered a set of strict protocols for website to mend their acts and have unique, original and relevant content on their websites that will not only promote their online presence but also help them churn enhanced ROI through fair means.

Below are some of the main websites that were directly impacted by the Google Panda Update:


Now we all know syndicating your content is important, and if part of your key SEO strategy was to syndicate your articles to these sites or similar, you are not going to get the same momentum or SEO benefit from Google.

We still encourage you to write unqiue, compellign content that people want to read/share – its just a matter of ‘where’ this content is getting shared is going to determine the value back to you.
This leads to another upcoming change Google is pushing is Google OAuth (Authentication) - where Google is trying to determine how many people part of YOUR social network (on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc) are sharting, rating, commenting, recommending content – because it is more likely that it will be beneficial to YOU.

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